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5 Crossfit Events and Competitions Leaderboards In Arkansas, United States

CFSS Open<br>Womens RX

Womens RX

1st: Liz Kinnaman (CFSS) • 6.1 pts
2nd: Kate SCOTT (QuahFit) • 7.3 pts
3rd: CLAUDIA CHAVEZ (Crossfit Siloam Springs) • 11.4 pts
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CFSS Open<br>Mens RX

Mens RX

1st: Zachery BUNTIN (Owasso Crossfit) • 8.1 pts
2nd: Jackson SMITH (Crossfit 540 South) • 13.6 pts
3rd: emanuel WILEY (crossfit540) • 14.9 pts
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CFSS Open<br>Womens Scaled

Womens Scaled

1st: Sarah Jones (House of Power) • 7.1 pts
2nd: Billye JIMERSON (Five Alarm Athletics) • 7.4 pts
3rd: Anna FIELDS (Five Alarm) • 12.3 pts
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CFSS Open<br>Mens Scaled

Mens Scaled

1st: Tony MURPHY (N/A) • 5.1 pts
2nd: Tony PRICE (none) • 14.3 pts
3rd: Mitchell Moore (House of Power) • 14.5 pts
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American Affiliate Cup<br>Team

American Affiliate Cup

1st: Darkhorse (Wounded Warriors) • 14 pts
2nd: R3Fit (Boys and Girls Club of Conway) • 17 pts
2T: #crossfitlivesmatter (Teen challenge) • 17 pts
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Reindeer Games IV<br>Open

Reindeer Games IV

1st: #weneedasponsor () • 35.2 pts
2nd: Darkhorse () • 39.3 pts
3rd: Candy Cane Gang () • 54.1 pts
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3rd Annual Reindeer Games<br>Team

3rd Annual Reindeer Games

1st: CrossFit Reverence (CrossFit Reverence) • 3.3 pts
2nd: The Candy Cane Gang (River Valley CrossFit) • 6.7 pts
3rd: Santa's Little Rockers (CrossFit Little Rock) • 13 pts
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Central Arkansas Reindeer Games<br>Team

Central Arkansas Reindeer Games

1st: Emily Lunney (CrossFit 413) • 8 pts
2nd: Rene Hooper (CrossFit Locked n' Loaded) • 10 pts
3rd: Joey Lamb (Wellness Revolution CrossFit) • 14 pts
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