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Barbell Rodeo 17.1

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Where & When

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CrossFit Chowchilla
1525 Robertson Blvd, Chowchilla, CA 93610, USA Get directions
Sat, Apr 29, 2017 10:00 AM


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Barbell Rodeo 17.1


Category Price Fee Remaining Quantity
RX 125.00 USD 8.50 USD 45 Register Now Leaderboard
Scaled/Masters 125.00 USD 8.50 USD 48 Register Now Leaderboard

Event Details

Join CrossFit Chowchilla for the 1st of 3 Barbell Rodeo competitions in the New Year!
Barbell rodeo 17.1 divisions include:
RX: 1 Male/1Female Teams, and Scaled: 1 Male/1Female -(includes masters {45+} ) Teams.

Location: "Fig Tree Plaza" next to SaveMart in Chowchilla, CA

CFC will have Vendors,Food,Fun & Music , so bring the family!

PRIZES: $200 goes to First Place team RX and $100 to Scaled 1st Place team with tons of awesome prizes for all Winners from our vendors!! Including bags, gift certificates, drinks, bars and clothes!


Event #1: [7 min Cap]
3 Rep Max Thruster
Max Reps Box Jumps (24"/20") - scaled {20"/15"}
*One Athlete on each station at a time/may be working at same time
*Each athletes 3RM+Max Box Jumps = Total Score


EVENT #2 -

For Time: (7 min Cap)
2x 50M Sled Push (60#/45#) - scaled(45/25)
2x 50 Double Unders - scaled (100 Singles)
2x 50 Calorie Row
2x 50M Sled Push

* one athlete working at a time
*each athlete must complete each movement before moving on.
*athletes are in charge of changing sled weight
* movements must be completed in order

EVENT #3 -
20 Deadlift (135/95) -scaled {95/75}
10 Over Head Walking Lunge (135/95)-sclaed {95/75}
10 Burpee Over Bar
* One athlete working at a time.
*Leap Frog Style: One athlete will start and finish the first task, then the other athlete will begin the 2nd task and finish. They will alternate throughout the rounds until the WOD is completed..
*Movements must be done in order.
10 Wall Balls (20/14)-scaled {14/10}
200m Weighted Run (20/14)- scaled {14/10}
10 KB Snatches (53/35) -scaled {35/26}
*Each athlete will alternate "ROUNDS". One athlete will complete all three movements in order, then once completed the next athlete will complete 2nd round, continuing on for 10 minuets for max rounds/reps.

WOD Standards:

RX Division:
Thruster (95/65)
Box Jumps (24"/20") *step-ups allowed
Sled Push (60/45)
Double Unders
Deadlift (135/95)
Overhead Lunge (135/95)
Burpee Over Bar
Wall Ball (20/14lb)
KB Snatch (53/35lb)
Weighted Carry (20/14lb)
*some of the movements are working weights and may be exceeded.
Scaled Division / Masters:
Thruster (45/35)
Box Jumps (20"/15") *step-ups allowed
Sled Push (45/25)
Deadlift (95/75)
Overhead Lunge (95/75)
Burpee Over Bar
Wall Ball (14/10 lb)
KB Snatch (35/18 lb)
Weighted Carry (14/10lb)
*some of the movements are working weights and may be exceeded.
No refunds will be given / No Guaranteed event T-shirts for registrations after April, 14th , 2016.