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YCF Summer Splash Competition 2019 Hosted By Yolo CrossFit

2 Person Team Crossfit Competition in Davis, California, USA

Yolo CrossFit Insights

• This is a past crossfit competition.
• See: The Gym Crossfit Competitions or All Upcoming Crossfit Competitions.

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Where & When

Yolo CrossFit • 303 Ensenada Dr, Davis, CA 95618, USA • View The MapGet Directions
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Sat, Sep 7, 2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Guy/Girl Partners: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2135643603381700

WOD 1: CrossFit Total - (Both Partners Combined Scores) Back Squat, Strict Press and Deadlift

WOD 2: Strong Man -

1st Round:

Partner A: 50 feet Sand Bag Carry (RX-135/95, Scaled 95/50, Masters and Teens 35# Sand Bag) to the end of white line and do 10 Burpees - RX, or 5 Burpees- Scaled/Masters and Teens. Then, carry back the Sand Bag to Partner B, Partner B repeats the round.

2nd Round:

Partner A: Picks up 2 Dumbbells (RX 50/35 Scaled 35/20 and Master/Teens 20/15) walks 50 feet to 10 Step Ups 20 inch box for all heats with DB and farmer carry the DB back to Partner B to repeat the round.

3rd Round:

Partner A: Sled Push 50 feet down the court to the white line then pulls the sled back to Partner B to repeat the round (RX 180/115 and Scaled 135/90 Masters/Teen Sled Only).

For Time. 10 minute Cap

WOD 3: Swimming -

1st Round:

Partner A: 2 Laps, Partner B: Hold Plank - Tag Out Reverse Positions. 5 second penalty for breaking plank or not touching the wall on each lap (no flip turns allowed in this swim) and both partners must tag out between switching positions.

2nd Round:

Partner A: 1 Lap to the end of the pool for- 10 RX or 5 Scaled Wall Muscle Ups (using your feet to push up front the bottom of the pool to full extension on edge of the pool to a full extension from the side of the pool) and Swim Back Partner B: 10 Slam Balls 30# RX and /20# Scaled - Tag Out Reverse Positions

3rd Round:

Together Partner A and Partner B - Do 2 Laps with the Slam Ball and include at least 1 pass between partners or there is a 5 second penalty. You must hold the slam ball out of the water until you hit the black line on the bottom of the pool and then you can hold the slam ball under water until you return back to black line and the ball is out of the water or there is a 5 second penalty.

For Time (1 Lap is 25 yards and 2 Laps is up and back = 50 yards) each partner tags in the water once the partner completes the 2 laps. You must have one hand touching the wall on each lap.

~Feel free to come use our pool at non-charge to practice this event before September 7th.

Master Millennials (60+): Single WOD 1 CrossFit Total Only or Go Singles on Strong Man/Swim (Sand bag is 35# and DB is 15# Sled Push No Weight and each heat is a $50 Fee.

Teens: Choose to do all 3 WOD's or less. Prizes for this category will be adjusted to age and performance. Lots of great prizes for just competing in this event. Using 15# Slam Ball,10# DB No Weight on Sled Push for Strong Man.

Scoring: Each event is evenly weighted and in case of a tie, there will be a tie breaker set up.

We will have a food truck, there is plenty of space for tents and children are welcome. Due to the health code we prefer animals not attend this event.

DJ, free photos and beer/wine is also going to be at this event.


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