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Team Cotter Memorial WOD 2019


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Hey Y'all we here at CrossFit Sacramento will be hosting a memorial WOD for Christian. The event will be for anyone and everyone. The event is not a scored or judged event, we are more looking for the Team Cotter family to come together and participate in an activity that Christian grew to love. The Hero Workout that has been designed with the very first CrossFit workout that Christian attempted in mind. We will have many options to scale the workout so that anyone can complete it no matter your fitness background.

The event will start at 9:00 am with some explanation of the many versions of the workout and a moment of silence.

Signing up for the event and at least attempting the workout is the only way to earn the shirt. As we know Christian loved a specialized shirt, enough to get a job just so he could have a shirt for that company.

More Details coming soon... hope to see you all there!