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WODStock 2019 Hosted By CrossFit Sanctuary In The Rinx

Competition in Hauppauge, New York, United States

Categories (Registration)

RX - Female240.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
Intermediate - Female240.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
Scaled - Female240.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
RX - Male240.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
Intermediate - Male240.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
Scaled- Male240.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now


***RAIN DATE : June 8, 2019***


Event 1 - 10 Min to Complete

Buy In Every Round (Complete as a team):

Rx - 6 Bar Muscle Ups

Intermediate - 6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Novice/Scale - 6 Pullups





RX (115/75)/T2B

Intermediate (95/65)/T2B

Scaled (65/45)/Hanging Knee Raises

With Remaining time: Max Calorie Ski Erg


Event 2 - With a 12 minute running clock

Task A - Athletes 1 & 2 perform

For Time



While one athlete performs burpees, the other athlete is in a deadlift hold

Each individual athlete must complete the 21's, 15's and 9's. Athletes must switch roles every round

RX (275/185)

Intermediate (185/135)

Scaled (135/95)

(5 min time cap)

Task B

Immediately after:

Athlete 3 will establish a 5 Rep Max front squat but first has to complete a 400m run with a sandbag (80/60) *All WODs are subject to change*


Event 3 - For Time with a 12min Cap

100 Deadlifts

75 Shoulder-to-Overhead

50 Hang Power Cleans

25 Power Cleans

RX (135/95)

Intermediate (115/75)

Scaled (95/65)

Simultaneously: Event 3B

12 AMRAP of:

50ft Sandbag Carry

4 Sandbag Box Step Overs

RX: (100/70)

Intermediate: (100/70)

Scaled: (70/50)

2 Athletes are working on the chipper while 1 athlete is working on the AMRAP.

Sandbag carrying athlete can switch into the chipper, if they wish, only after every 8 step overs

If the team completes the chipper before the time cap, all athletes can participate in the sandbag carrying AMRAP *All WODs are subject to change*


Event 4 - With a 12 minute running clock

Two partners will start to perform:

For Time


Devil Presses

RX: (50/35)

Intermediate: (40/30)

Scaled: (30/25)

Partners MUST alternate Devil-presses every 5 reps


Partner 3 will perform

Max Calorie Row

At the start of every new devil press round, ALL athletes will be required to rotate stations in order. *All WODs are subject to change*


If you ever thought about competing but talked yourself out of it for any number of reasons, or you are just looking for a competition that you can crush on your level, then look no further...
3 Rounds for Time presents our 3rd annual WODStock team competition!

A thrilling event for the Scaled, Intermediate and RX Athletes. Start your team of 3 Male or team of 3 Female today!

3 Rounds for Time goal is to design, organize and deliver the best competition events that are fair, challenging and more importantly fun!!!


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