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WODSTOCK 2019 Hosted By Seaside Crossfit Box

Upcoming Team Crossfit Competition in West Wareham, Massachusetts, United States

Categories (Registration)

RX150.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
Intermediate150.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
Beginner150.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now


Teams of two (one man and one woman) will compete through decades of music. Each workout will have its own musical theme from a specific decade! Kick off your summer the right way with awesome people, vendors, food. Mini comps will take place within our main competition for athletes and spectators and will consist of events such as max unbroken double-unders, corn-hole, max weighted prowler push, and more. The mini comps are just for fun and do not hold any weight towards the main competition, but are opportunities to win prizes. Athletes can expect a trail run, so bring appropriate shoes! Get rid of the winter blues and get the summer started with some lifting, music, and fun!

Standards (Must be able to perform in WOD)

RX Division
-Snatch- 155/105
-Thruster- 115/85
-Pull-up- Chest to Bar
-Deadlift- 315/205
-Toes to Bar- Toes to Bar
-Jump Rope- Doubles
-Burpees- Step back/step up NOT allowed
-Trail Run- Up to one mile

-Snatch- 95/65
-Thruster- 95/65
-Pull-up- Chin Over Bar
-Deadlift- 225/155
-Toes to Bar- Toes to Bar
-Jump Rope- Singles
-Burpees- Step back/Step up allowed
-Trail Run- Up to 3/4 mile

-Snatch- 65/45
-Thruster- 65-45
-Pull-up- Ring Rows
-Deadlift- 155/105
-Toes to Bar- Hanging Knee Raises
-Jump Rope- Plate Hops
-Burpees- Squat Jumps
-Trail Run- Up to 1/2 mile