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Supergiant Meltdown 2019


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Rx255.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now
Scaled255.00 USD8.50 USDRegister Now


June just got a whole lot better! Bring your workout squad to CrossFit Polaris for our first annual Supergiant Meltdown!
This event is a Crossfit style, 4 person, team competition (2 guys/2 girls). We will have 2 divisions: Scaled and Rx.
Workouts will be released MONTHS in advance so feel free to get your team together and plan away!

Quick Facts
-4 Person teams(MM/FF)
-2 divisions: Rx and Scaled
-Shotgun style!
-Awesome sponsors including:
- Jericho Financial
- Skip Ivery Allstate Agency
- Westerville Smiles
- Active Physical Therapy
- Sunbury Sandlot Camps
- And more!

Breakdown of Divisions

RX- You walk in to you gym everyday knowing that you have a shot at the top of the rx leaderboard! You are confident in your basic gymnastics movements and are not scared of a barbell. Challenge yourself! You got this!

Scaled- This is the beauty of CrossFit! THIS IS FOR ANYONE who has the heart to compete and wants to put their hard work to the test!

Basic Registration Information:
Cost: $255/team
Team: 4 athletes (2 guys/2 girls)
Divisions: 2 (Scaled/Rx)
Event starts at 9AM with the scaled division.

**NOTICE: Registration including a T-Shirt will end 1 month (May 8) before the event start date. Registration will still be available 1 week before the event start date not including a T-Shirt.**