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Cupid's Comp 2019 Hosted By Crossfit Trinium West

2 Person Team Crossfit Competition in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, USA

Crossfit Trinium West Insights

• This is a past crossfit competition.
• See: All Upcoming Crossfit Competitions.

Where & When

Crossfit Trinium West • 1595 S Mount Joy St, Elizabethtown, PA 17022, USA • View The MapGet Directions
See All Crossfit Competitions in: ElizabethtownPennsylvaniaUnited States
Sat, Feb 16, 2019 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Grab your sweetheart and come out for this unique mixed gender event. Teams of 1 male and 1 female. RX and Scaled divisions. Limited space available! $140/ team with a T-shirt. Costumes encouraged! 3 WODs with a tiebreaker if needed.

Standards. These are weights you should be "comfortable" with in a workout. These are not max or minimum indicators for WODs but an indicator of what you should be ready for.

Men/Women RX'd:
Snatch - 135/95
Clean - 185/125
Front Squat - 135/95
Shoulder to Overhead - 185/125
Overhead Squat - 135/95
Thruster - 135/95
Deadlift - 225/135
Pullups - chest to bar
Double unders - yes
Handstand Pushups - yes
Pistol squats - yes

Men/Women Scaled:
Snatch - 95/65
Clean - 135/95
Front Squat - 95/65
Shoulder to Overhead - 135/95
Overhead Squat - 95/65
Thruster - 95/65
Deadlift - 205/115
Pullups - Jumping pullups
Double unders - no
Handstand pushups - kick ups to wall
Pistol Squats - no

Prizes (so far) include -
$200 cash first place teams
Funk Brewing
Born Primitive
Double under wonder
Natural Creations Salon
Steaks (yes, like to grill and eat)

More to come!

WOD 1:
5 min to establish a 1RM snatch + hang snatch (complex)
-rest 1 min-
7 min Amrap
15 wall balls 20/14
10 bar facing burpees (open standard)

1RM clean + hang clean (complex)
Wall balls 14/10

*One partner works at a time.

*Scaled my step over bar during bar facing burpees.

WOD #2 is a partner chipper with a 10 min time cap.

50 partner wall ball sit ups 20lbs
40 box jump overs 20inch
30 synchronized deadlifts 115/85
20 synchronized shoulder to overhead 115/85
10 synchronized front squat 115/85

Sit ups- partners must each do a sit up and pass the ball between them
Box jump overs- alternating. RX must jump and both partners feet must be touching the ground before starting another rep.
Deadlift and front squats - rep is completed when each team member is in full hip extension.
Shoulder to overhead- rep is completed when both partners arms are locked out over head.

May jump over or step over box
Weights = 95/65

WOD # 3
12 min AMRAP
10 toes to bar
10 Single arm alternating DB clean and Jerk 50/35
14 cal row

*partners alternate movements

*Scaled =
knees to elbows (knees above parallel)
DB snatches 35/20


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