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Tribal Clash USA 2019

Upcoming Team Crossfit Competition


Tribal Clash is the USA's newest functional fitness competition, taking place on the spectacular Huntington State Beach in Southern California in June 2019. UK-based company Tribal Events already organises two annual sold-out events in Europe and is taking the series worldwide in 2019, with the first Tribal Clash Australia taking place in February 2019 followed closely by a fourth edition in the USA.

Tribal Clash is the ultimate test of teamwork; an epic show of athleticism where only the fittest teams advance to the later stages of the competition. Teams from across California and beyond will assemble in a purpose-built arena on Huntington State Beach on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June, hoping that they possess the winning combination of skill and strength. Three men and three women must work together in perfect harmony to overcome a number of gruelling physical challenges which test fitness, strategy, communication and tenacity. This is an engaging and thrilling experience for spectators, where they can follow the teams' highs and lows, celebrate their victories and commiserate over their defeats. Teams will take part in at least six workouts over the weekend, culminating in a thrilling semi-final for the top 24 teams and a nail-biting final for the top 12.

Tribal Clash is a unique festival of fitness and community with a live DJ playing throughout the weekend and an event village with vendors overlooking the beach. Athletes will spend their entire weekend by the Pacific Ocean - running along the sand, swimming in the ocean, stand-up-paddle-boarding as a team on 17 foot boards, lifting heavy atlas stones, flipping tyres and heaving cumbersome sandbags.