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Cupid's Revenge - 2nd Annual 2019 Hosted By CrossFit West Visalia In CrossFit West Visalia

Upcoming Team Crossfit Competition in Visalia, California, United States

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• This is an upcoming event.

CrossFit West Visalia Insights

• The Gym had a SOLD OUT event.
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Categories (Registration)

RX Team (M/F)120.00 USD0.00 USDRegister Now
SCALED Team (M/F)120.00 USD0.00 USDRegister Now


It's date night at the Box! Grab your honey, bestie or favorite training partner and come compete! CrossFit West Visalia is proud to bring you the 2nd Annual Cupid's Revenge

The competition will be mixed sex, two person teams. We always strive to deliver the best competition experience possible!
Divisions are as follows:

Scaled - this division is for athletes that did the scaled division in the Open or who cannot usually perform benchmark WODs as prescribed.

RX - this division is for athletes that did the Open RX and can usually perform benchmark WODs as prescribed.

Movement announcements COMING SOON!

****We reserve the right to add movements to this list, but they would fall under the weight limits shown. We will not add a Major Skill to the list (ie Muscle-Ups) We may use everything on this list or some of it.

****The Scaled is meant for SCALED athletes. Don't be that team that should have went Rx and Sandbagged the scaled division please****

***The Tie-Breaker WOD has been predetermined. If we have teams that are tied, the tie breakers will go into action. These tie breakers will be told to the team captains during the athlete briefing so you all know them ahead of time.

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