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Divergent Games: Hosted By Aberrant CrossFit 2018 Hosted By Aberrant CrossFit

Team Crossfit Competition in Eldridge, Iowa, United States

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RX'd Men165.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Scaled Men165.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
RX'd Women165.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Scaled Women165.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard


The Divergent Games are back on Nov 17th! This one day competition is designed for athletes of all levels. Teams will be made up of 3 males or 3 females with both RX'd and Scaled divisions. 3 Workouts over the course of the day are designed to test athletes skill, strength and stamina in a fun a electrifying atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you in November.

Workout 1:
"Blast Off"
30/20 Cal Row
20 Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters
30/20 Cal Bike
20 Burpee Parallette Hops

* Each team members will work through the full workout. The next team member may start the workout when the person in front of them finishes their row. You are not allowed to pass the person in front of you. Time is called when the final person finishes the Burpees.

Rx Men = 50# DB
Scaled Men = 35# DB
Rx Women = 35# DB
Scaled Women = 20# DB

Thrusters may be broken up amongst arms in any way to achieve a total of 20 reps.
Scaled division step overs on the burpees will be allowed

WOD 2a:
With a 9:00 time cap..
Each team member will find a 2RM Hang Clean (squat or power is allowed)

WOD 2b:
Break up reps any way amongst your team
100 TTB (Knee Ups)
75 HSPU (Hand Release Push Ups)
50 Cleans (155/105)(95/75)
(12 Min Time Cap

WOD 3: Sprint to the finish
6 Deadlifts (225/155)(155/105)
10 Box Overs (30/24)(24/20)

Directly Into

AMRAP 1 Max Pull Ups

*Each team members will complete the whole workout one at a time. All reps will be added together to give the team 1 total score.


Blast Off
Sprint Finish


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