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GCF Winter Classic V - Team 2018 Hosted By The Gorilla CrossFit

Team Crossfit Competition in Macon, Georgia, United States

Categories (Registration)

RX110.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Scaled110.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Masters110.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard


For the 5th year we're bringing you an event that's proven to be a challenge of fitness and fun with fellow cross fitters alike.

Individuals compete Saturday, December 8
Teams (1M/1F) Sunday, December 9
RX, Scaled and Masters (40+)

Mark your calendars and grab your friends! Let's continue to make this year and every year after this the best!

Team WOD 1:

"String Cheese"

3 Minutes:

200 Double Unders (cumulative)

In time remaining:
Max Thrusters
RX: 115/75
Masters: 95/65
Scaled: 75/55
*RX- when one partner breaks on the DU's the other has to start immediately.
*masters and scaled will complete 300 singles

Team WOD 2

"Hang on Sloopy"

10 Minute Cap

Partner 1: 800m Run
Partner 2: Row for Max Cals
when Partner 1 returns from run, partners will switch and complete again.
Score is cals rowed, time will be used as tie break.


Double Crossed
Hang on Sloopy
Dammit Karen


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