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CrossFit of Fremont "Husky Throw Down" 2014 Hosted By CrossFit Of Fremont In Crossfit of Fremont

Competition in Newark, California, United States

Categories (Registration)

Rx200.00 USD0.00 USD
Scaled200.00 USD0.00 USD


There will be 5 gyms in the throw down. CrossFit of Fremont, CrossFit One World, CrossFit Brentwood, CrossFit WIT and CrossFit Tracy. Each gym will be allowed to have 4 teams of 4 people compete. We will have both Rx and Mod divisions. Ideally, each gym will have 2 teams for each category, but we can straighten that out later. The teams will consist of 2 men and 2 women 18+ years of age . There will be 3 guaranteed workouts for each team with the top teams competing in the final event. The cost will be $200 per team. The cost will include a shirt and goodie bag for all registered athletes and a prize ( cash or rogue gift certs, etc.) for the winning team. We will have a DJ, vendors and a food truck at the event. Each team is responsible for bringing one judge. Ideally one that has judged during the open. All gyms must have their teams registered by April 1 st. After that I will start filling in the open spots to other gyms waiting to get in. Final deadline for registration is April 11th. Rx division should be able to handle all of "The Girls" or other staple WODs without having to modify. You might see some advanced movements such as Muscle ups or rope climbs but not all team members will be required to do them.