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The Shipwreck 3 2018 Hosted By Harbor Park CrossFit In

Individual Crossfit Competition

Categories (Registration)

Competitor - Men84.99 USD5.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Rookie - Men84.99 USD5.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Competitor - Women84.99 USD5.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Rookie - Women84.99 USD5.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard


SPECIAL NOTE: This competition will be held at our NEW Racine Facility, located at: 3801 Blue River Ave Racine, WI 53405

Back for our 3rd Annual competition at Harbor Park CrossFit - The Shipwreck 3 is a nautically themed individual competition for both men & women to showcase their skills individually. Divisions will be listed as "Rookie" and "Competitor". The Rookie division is for those who aren't too familiar with CrossFit competitions; maybe this is your first one, or you are still new to the whole scene - Our Rookie division is for you! The Competitor division is for those who have multiple competitions under their belt, or for those that like to be a little more competitive. We wrote the WODs to be challenging and fun for both divisions, not to push anyone to choose the Rookie division or the Competitor division based on a particular movement. This is why we labeled them as such.
This year, The Shipwreck 3 will be held at our new Racine facility! We have some amazing events planned which will showcase our space as well as take advantage of our custom 3-tiered Rogue Rig! We will have some amazing prizes for all podium finishers as well.


Should be able to to do multiple reps of Clean & Jerks at 95/55
Power Snatch multiple reps at 55/35
Be able to run short distances/Row/Bike
sandbag squats at 100/60
sandbag over the shoulder 100/60
Pull-Up Standards: You should be able to do at least one rep of each the following movements: Deficit ring rows, jumping pull ups, chin over the bar pull ups/or chin ups, chest to bar pull up.
Knee ups, Knees to elbows
burpee box step overs at 24/20"
wall balls to a 10'/9' target at 20/14lbs
DB walking lunges at 50/35 (not overhead)


Should be able to do multiple reps of clean & jerks at 135/95
Power snatch multiple reps at 75/55
be able to run multiple short run distances/row/bike
Sandbag squats of 150/100
sandbag over the shoulder 150/100
Pull up standards: you should be able to do at least one of the following: Pull-ups, Chest to bar pulls ups, bar muscle ups.
Toes to bar
Burpee box jumps 24/20
OH DB or KB lunges 50/35


The Final
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