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Kegs & Kakes Clash 2.0 2018 Hosted By CrossFit Gastonia In Crossfit Mountain Island

Team Crossfit Competition in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Categories (Registration)

Male Rx190.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Female Rx190.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Male Scaled190.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Female Scaled190.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard


Iron Kakes is excited to introduce that Kegs & Kakes Clash is back. This will be a partner competition to test all-around fitness. It will be a fight to the podium and will require teamwork, communication, fitness, and a whole lot of suck.

Which team will take the kake?

Our categories will be Male pairs and Female pairs, with both RX and scaled.


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