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Heartland HavOC3 THREE 2018 Hosted By CrossFit OC3's Heartland Havoc

Team Crossfit Competition in Davenport, Iowa, United States

This is a past competition. See: All Upcoming Events & Competitions.


RX320.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard
Scaled320.00 USD8.50 USDWorkoutsLeaderboard


The Heartland HavOC3 is back!! This year we will have an offsite (Event 1) and the remaining events will take place at CrossFit OC3. We are pulling out ALL the stops this year and you will NOT want to miss out. Athletes can expect a great mix of strength and fitness. Prizes for the top spots. You will not be disappointed. Grab three of your friends (2M/2F) and get signed up!!!

Movement standards:


  • CTB- Not everyone will have to perform
  • C&J 155/105
  • Snatch 115/85
  • DU's
  • Sandbag to shoulder 150/100
  • Run
  • Row


  • Pull-ups- Not everyone will have to perform
  • C&J 115/85
  • Snatch 95/65
  • DU's- Not everyone will have to perform
  • Sandbag to shoulder 100/70
  • Run
  • Row
** Women's shirts will be tanks, Men's shirts will be Unisex. You can order whichever you'd like.

*** Reminder: This is NOT an all-inclusive list. There will be additional movements added. These standards are simply to help direct you and your team into the correct division. As we always say, if you Rx 80% of your regular class workouts you will be able to do Rx in this comp. Anything around or under that number should consider scaled.


Athletes From CrossFit OC3's Heartland Havoc