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The Haunted "House" Havoc 2018 Hosted By Gorilla House Gym In CrossFit GHG

Team Crossfit Competition in Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States


CrossFit70.00 USD8.50 USD


CrossFit GHG hosts a Haunted "House" Havoc on 20 October 2018. Teams of 2, same sex, RX and scaled divisions. 4 WODs. WODs to be announced closer to the competition.

RX should be able to complete:
sled pushes
rope climbs
50/75# stone clean and press
double unders
wall balls 14/20#
Cleans at 95/135#

Scaled should be able to complete:
Ring Rows
sled pushes
50/75# stone throw over the shoulder
jump rope
wall balls 10/14#
Cleans at 65/95#