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Oakland Strengthlifting Meet 2014


This is a past competition. See All Upcoming Competitions.
Men Light (less 221 lb)55.00 USD0.00 USD
Men Heavy (+ 221 lb)55.00 USD0.00 USD
Women Light (less 166 lb)55.00 USD0.00 USD
Women Heavy (+166 lb)55.00 USD0.00 USD


Competitors will have three attempts to perform the heaviest squat, press, and deadlift that they can. This event will be run like a powerlifting meet, only the press will be used in place of the bench press. Weightlifting singlets will be required. The only supportive gear that will be allowed are knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and belts. All deadlifts will need to be performed using a conventional stance with the feet inside of the hands. A full set of rules will be made available online on or before March 15. This meet is not affiliated with any powerlifting federation. It is just for bragging rights. Come on out and lift some heavy weights and set some personal records on the platform.