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Lion's Den Summer Throwdown 2018 Hosted By CrossFit Burlingame

Team Crossfit Competition in San Mateo, California, United States

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Rx150.00 USD0.00 USD
Scaled150.00 USD0.00 USD
Rx Men150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard
Scaled Men150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard
Rx Women150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard
Scaled Women150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard


We are here to Crown the Fittest team in the Peninsula !

Same Sex teams of 2 are going to compete in 3 exciting and intense WODS. Come test your strength, endurance and skill against the best Athletes on the Peninsula and Wear the Crown of Fittest on the Peninsula
In 3 Divisions: Rx, Intermediate and Fitness!

WOD #1
AMRAP x 9 "Balls to the Wall"
As a team accumulate as many reps of "Burpee Partner Chest Pass"
While one partner holds the medicine ball, the other performs a burpee. Partners chest pass the ball back and forth for max reps
- Ball Must clear "6 FT"
- Every Minute on the minute both partners must complete "In-Sync" Wall walks
1. RX - 20/14
a. 3 Wall Walks
2. Intermediate - 20/14
a. 2 Wall Walks
3. Fitness - 14/10
a. 1 Wall Walk


For Time - 10 to 1 "NO! Me first!"

Each athlete must preform "Hang Power Snatches" before moving on to the "in-sync" gymnastics movement

Hang Power Snatch

In-Sync Gymnastics Movement

  1. Rx- 115/75 -Pull Ups
  2. Intermediate (Scaled) - 95/65 -Toes to Bar
  3. Fitness - 75/55 -Knee Raise

    Suggested 1RM Max Strength Numbers

    RX Interm. Fitness

    Snatch 135/95 95/65 75/55

    Clean 185/135 135/95 95/65

    Deadlift 315/255 225/155 185/135

    Rx Movements



    C2B Pullups

    Rope Climb

    Ring Muscle Up

    Bar Muscle up

    Handstand Push ups

    Wall Walks

    HS Walks

    Double Unders





    Rope Climb

    Kipping pullups

    No Muscle ups


    Wall walks

    Double unders

    No pistols


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