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2018 Summer Throwdown In

Team Crossfit Competition

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Scaled140.00 USD8.50 USDLeaderboard


The Summer Throwdown the FIRST FULLY SCALED EVENT on Long Island is back for its 3rd YEAR! This event is for the scaled athlete - the main driving force in every CrossFit Affiliate. If you are ready to come out and compete against your peers this event is for you!

  • Two athlete team throwdown: M/F teams
  • True scaled event: Ideal for novice and intermediate athletes
  • 4 Challenging Gauntlet Style workouts; including a pool event! (Pool is only 3 1/2 feet deep)
  • All athletes receive a gift and Free Lunch
  • Free all day access to our olympic size swimming pool, kiddie pool, and dive tank for all athletes and their family members
*Events listed are not in order of completion

EVENT 1 of 4

13min Cap
Part A for time:
Partner 1
10 Cal Row
10 Burpees Over the Rower

Partner 2
30 Cal Row
30 Burpees Over the Rower

Part B with remaining time (for weight):
Find a 1RM Clean

EVENT 2 of 4
6min AMRAP:

15 Synchronized DB Thrusters 35/20
50ft Synchronized DB Walking Lunge 35/20

EVENT 3 of 4
For Time:

Run 400m
Hanging Knee Raises
KB Swings 44/26
Run 400m


Event 1 of 4
  • Partner 1 will begin Part A.
  • Once Partner 1 has completed part A, partner 2 can now begin second half of Part A.
  • Times will be recorded once partner 2 completes Part A.
  • Once Part A is completed, Teams may now begin Part B.
  • With the remaining time until the 13min cap, teams will establish a 1RM Clean.
  • Teams will be given 45/35# bars.
  • Teams will be in charge of changing weights from bar to bar.
  • 2 scores will be recorded for this event, Total Weight and Part A Time

EVENT 2 of 4
  • Both athletes must move in synchronized fashion throughout the WOD.
  • On the Squat, athletes must reach and overhead position at the same time. If the position is reached by an athlete early, the athlete must hold that position until partner reaches the overhead position.
  • For the walking lunge, partners must move in a synchronized motion. Both partner's knees must touch the ground at the same time before standing.
  • Both feet must meet the ground at that the standing position before completing next rep.

EVENT 3 of 4

  • WOD will begin with a 400m run on a designated course
  • In order to begin the rounds of 30/20/10, both athletes must reach their starting platforms. If a partner arrives earlier than the other, he/she must wait until partner reaches them to begin the next part.
  • WOD will be you-go-i-go tag in style. ( Partner:A, 30 HKR, Partner:B HKR, Partner A, 30 KBS, Partner B: 30 KBS etc.)
  • Once Finished, teams will complete a 2nd 400m run.
  • If teams do not complete the 2nd run before the time cap, a time penalty will be applied.


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