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3rd Annual Lt Col William "Wild Bill" Schroeder Memorial Competition

Crossfit Competition in San Antonio, Texas, United States

This is a past competition. See: All Upcoming Events & Competitions.


M/M RX+50.00 USD8.50 USD
F/F RX+50.00 USD8.50 USD
M/F RX+50.00 USD8.50 USD
M/M RX50.00 USD8.50 USD
F/F RX50.00 USD8.50 USD
M/F RX50.00 USD8.50 USD
M/M S50.00 USD8.50 USD
F/F S50.00 USD8.50 USD
M/F S50.00 USD8.50 USD
Men's Shirt XXL20.00 USD8.50 USD
Men's Shirt XL20.00 USD8.50 USD
Men's Shirt L20.00 USD8.50 USD
Men's Shirt M20.00 USD8.50 USD
Men's Shirt S20.00 USD8.50 USD
Ladies Tank XXL20.00 USD8.50 USD
Ladies Tank XL20.00 USD8.50 USD
Ladies Tank L20.00 USD8.50 USD
Ladies Tank M20.00 USD8.50 USD
Ladies Tank S20.00 USD8.50 USD
M/M SS50.00 USD8.50 USD
M/F SS50.00 USD8.50 USD
F/F SS50.00 USD8.50 USD


On 07 April 2018 CrossFit Lackland is going to host the 3rd Annual Competition Fundraiser for the Family of Lt Col William "Wild Bill" Schroeder who was gunned down by one of his disgruntled students on 08 April 2016. This is going to be a two person team comp. We will have RX+, RX, Scaled and Super Scaled divisions (we will scale down anyone as required). Teams will consist of Male/Male, Female/Female, and Male/Female athletes. There are 16 slots available per Division, however if we receive more requests for any division we will increase the cap.

$50 per Team

(IMPORTANT: Deadline for T-Shirts will be 24 Mar 18 for $25 ea. Make sure you select size when you register. Any shirt orders after the 24th will be delayed. However we will have limit supply available at the event for $30 ea. 100% of all proceeds will go directly to the Schroeder Family)


"Wild Bill"

Complete 3 rds for time as a Team:

39 Double Unders Each (RX+/RX), Singles (S/SS)
4 Thrusters Each, 205/145 lbs (RX+), 165/115 lbs (RX), 115/80 lbs (S), 95/65 lbs (SS)
8 Ring Muscle-ups Each (RX+), Bar Muscle-ups (RX), Pull-ups (S), Ring Rows (SS)
16 Cals on the Assault Bike Each

20 min Cap

*Both athletes have to complete all reps per exercise prior to moving on to the next exercise. They can break up reps as required.