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Feed, Clothe, Love (and Lift) Part 3


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Join CrossFit legends Rich Froning and Dan Bailey in a One Day,, 2-person team, four event throwdown to benefit Mission 2540 on Saturday, April 7.. We'll have both an RX'd and a scaled division. Teams can be Male-Male, Female-Male, or Female-Female. Compete alongside 2 of the best in the world in a fun, friendly competition! ALL proceeds support Mission 2540 and our work with families in poverty. To read more, visit www.mission2540.org.

Workout details will be released in February. But as a heads-up, the RX division will feature both rope climbs and strict handstand pushups!

NOTE: We'll hold a special dinner and Q&A with Froning and Bailey on Friday, April 6. Tickets to that event will be available on our website. The competition takes place Saturday only.