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Inaugural Turkey Day CrossFit South Shore Powerlift Meet

Crossfit Competition in Hanover, Massachusetts, United States

This is a past competition. See: All Upcoming Events & Competitions.


Raw Lifter55.59 USD0.00 USD


Announcement! This RAW Turkey Day Meet Is Open To Everybody /Anyone Who Would Like To Come Out & Compete ! On November 23rd our first Powerlifting Meet will be held at 145 Webster St, Hanover, MA. This Event Will Be Testing Your Max In 3 Lifts , Back Squat , Bench Press & Deadlift.You Will Get 3 Attempts In Each Lift , Your Highest Successful Lift Will Be Recorded . Then , using Wilks method your Totals, Divided By Your Weight Class (you will be required to weigh in the morning of , 7am-8am) Male & Female Athlete With Highest Lifting Percentage Wins! There Will Be Prizes for Top Performers, and all Athletes Receive a T-Shirt! It is A RAW Event: Bench Shirts , Or Suits , Or Straps Are NOT Allowed . However, Knee Sleeves , Wrist Wraps , Weight Belts , Lifting Shoes ARE Allowed . We Plan On Having A Great Time & Hope To See Everyone Hit PR's !!!! **MUST Sign-up by 11/13 to Gaurantee Shirt and Size ** We Will Also Need Judges, Loaders, And Other Help if Interested contact: cfsouthshore@gmail.com or if you have any questions before signing up!

Athletes From CrossFit South