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Epic Beyond The Beer Run Wod 2017 Hosted By Mac's Athletic

Team Crossfit Competition in Stockton, California, United States


Team80.00 USD8.50 USDLeaderboard


Come out for a cool team event where you'll carry a bag as a team run to different locations in down town Stockton stopping at different marked locations to complete a Specific AMRAP! This will be a mix of running and body weight movements done 'As Many Reps As Possible' style for a total Team score.
** Note if you have a team of 2 we can still have you combine efforts with another team of 2- to register this way please email info@macsathletic.com to register as a team of 2 **
Be able to :
Pull up (Scale able to Banded)
Push up
Jump Rope (Single Unders)
Hanging Leg Raise
Wall Ball (10/14/20)
and Slam ball (10/20)

What you get:
A Great work out
A Cool T-shirt
A Beer (must be 21 and provide proof) - Channel Brew
A Slice of Pizza (all ages, no proof of age required) - Channel Brew
And Best of All this is going to help our community by providing warm clothes for those in need so you'll have the added benefit of getting to help people!


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