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Twas' The WOD Before Christmas 3


This is a past competition. See All Upcoming Competitions.
Male/Male Rx110.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard
Female/Female Rx110.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard
Male/Male Scaled110.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard
Female/Female Scaled110.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard


This is year 3 of TWBC! This event is fun for all. We have 4 categories. Male/Male Rx, Female/Female Rx, Male/Male Scaled, Female/Female Scaled.
The cost for this even will be $110/team. Early registration will run through October 22nd and will be $99/team, so get in early!
The past two years this event has sold out and we believe this year won't be any different. The credentials for Rx and Scaled will be loosely based off of the 2017 Open. If you Rxed the Open then you can Rx this comp, if not, then join our Scaled division!
We always put these events on with the athlete in mind. We want you all to come out and display your fitness while creating an atmosphere that is fun and entertaining.
If you joined us the past couple years then you know that you are in for a treat. If not, come join us and enjoy the festivities!