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Blended Kettlebell Winter Classic


Full Registration100.00 CAD0.00 USDRegister Now
Basic Registration75.00 CAD0.00 USDRegister Now


Events will include snatch, jerk, long cycle and biathlon. There will be both 5 minute (except biathlon) and 10 minute events. There will also be a fun team event at the end which is optional.

You may register for multiple events if you wish without additional cost. Once registered, you will be sent a brief questionnaire outlining the specifics of your competition (ie: event, weight, and background)

There are two options for registration, The "full" registration which we would advise for newcomers and a "basic" registration for more experienced athletes.

1. Full Registration: Cost $100.00 which includes a Tshirt, One KB Clinic, a Blended gift bag and programing for the event!

2. Basic Registration: Cost $75.00 which includes a Tshirt and a blended gift bag!