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6th Annual Franniversary - Beauties & Beasts


This is a past competition. See All Upcoming Competitions.
RX130.00 USD0.00 USD Leaderboard
Scaled130.00 USD0.00 USD Leaderboard


6th Annual team competition for cash and product prizes.

Find a partner.
Pick a team name.
Dominate the competition.

Early Bird registration begins 9/15-10/15

Team of 2 people - male/male, female/female or coed $110 until 10/15
10/15 and beyond - $130

Gauntlet movements this year are:
Power Cleans 135/85- RX 75/55 Scaled
Thrusters 135/85 - RX 75/55 Scaled

Event 2

Double Under

Shoulder to Over Head 75/55

Chest to Bar Pullups


Shoulder to Overhead 75/55

Kettlebell Swings 53/35

Event 3

DeadLift Speed Ladder For Time. Both Athletes will go through the entire ladder. Partner A will hit each lift, run back to the start, tag out to Partner B. Partner B will hit each lift and run back to the starting spot for their time.

1 Dead Lift 245/165

1 Dead Lift 275/185

1 Dead Lift 315/205

1 Dead Lift 345/225

1 Dead Lift 375/245


1 Dead Lift 185/115

1 Dead Lift 205/135

1 Dead Lift 225/155

1 Dead Lift 245/175

1 Dead Lift 275/200