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5th Annual Jigsaw Throwdown 2017 Hosted By Crossfit Jigsaw In Crossfit Jigsaw

Team Crossfit Competition in Fremont, California, United States

Event Insights

• This is a past competition.
• 1 of 2 Categories was SOLD OUT.

Crossfit Jigsaw Insights

• The Gym had a SOLD OUT event.
• See: The Gym Events or All Upcoming Events & Competitions.

Categories (Registration)

Men120.00 USD8.50 USDLeaderboard
Women120.00 USD8.50 USDLeaderboard


Jigsaw 5th Annual Throwdown
Why - All proceeds to benefit Hurricane Harvey Relief
When - Saturday October 21st, 8am - 2pm
Where - CrossFit Jigsaw
How - Male and Female division, partner style
Both team members should be able to perform the following movements/weight standards. Workouts will not be limited to these movements/weights

Toes 2 Bar
Box Jump 24"/20"
Snatch 95#/65#
Clean and Jerk 135#/95#
Wall ball 20#/14#
Deadlift 185#/125#

Update 10/19 - Workouts are here!

Workout #1 - Ski + Dball

Max reps in 5 minutes

Ski 100/70 Calories

D-ball over Yolk (100#/80#)

*score is number of calories + D-ball over Yolk completed

Standards - Ski 1 partner working at a time, must complete the ski first- D-ball - Ball must travel from one side of the yolk over the Yolk bar and touch the ground - Yolk height will be set to 5'0" men/4'6" women

Workout #2

As many rounds as possible in 13 minutes

20 Deadlift (135#/95#)

20 Wall ball (20#/14#) (10'/9')

20 Alternating one arm dumbbell snatch (50#/35#)

*Score is reps completed

Standards - 1 partner completes a round then tags in partner 2, alternating rounds until the time cap. Open standards for movements

Workout #3

8 min - For load (combined between partners)

5 Front squat + Jerk (no rack, bar starts on ground)

Buy in 25/18 calorie Row before each attempt of the complex

*Score is highest load completed by each teammate combined

Standards - Must complete row before each attempt. Barbell will start on ground, can squat clean for first rep. Must complete complex without dropping bar.

Flow - Begin with bar loaded and weight declared. Then complete row and make your attempt. You do not have to alternate turns or lift the same loads. Must load barbell and declare load before rowing for each attempt. 1 person will be working at a time

Workout #4

2 rounds for time (15 minute cap)

80 Box jump over (24"/20")

70 Ground to overhead (75#/55#)

50 Pull-up

*Score is time to complete or time cap + 1 second per uncompleted rep

Standards - 1 partner working at a time, switch as needed.

Box jump over - 2 foot take off, both feet must touch the top of the box and touch the ground on the opposite side to complete rep


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