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2017 Woodland WODfest

Crossfit Competition in Woodland, California, United States

This is a past competition. See: All Upcoming Events & Competitions.


Rx Men60.00 USD5.50 USD
Rx Women60.00 USD5.50 USD
Scaled Men60.00 USD5.50 USD
Scaled Women60.00 USD5.50 USD


Returning to CrossFit Excitement is the second annual Woodland WODfest!

We will offer 4 Categories for this competition.

1. Rx Men

2. Rx Women

3. Scaled Men

4. Scaled Women

Handstand Push-ups, Muscle-ups, or Pistols will not be required.

Scaled athletes do not need double-unders.

There will be 4 workouts in this competition. The top 3 athletes in each category upon the conclusion of all workouts will receive prizes tbd.

The workouts will be released on the following dates:

WOD 1 - "Thruster Assault"

7 min AMRAP
30 (Men) / 21 (Women) Calories on Assault Bike
20 Thrusters
10 Lateral Bar Over Burpees
20 Thrusters
Max Calories on Assault Bike with remaining time

RX (95/65)
Scaled (65/35)

Your score is the total # of reps completed

WOD 2 - "Get a Grip"

3 min AMRAP
Max Pull-ups (Rx) or Max Ring Rows (Scaled)
5 Box Jumps (24"/20")

Every time you drop from the bar or rings you must perform the box jumps before continuing.

Rest 1 min

3 min AMRAP
Max Deadlifts
Rx (225/155)
Scaled (155/105)
5 Box Jumps (24"/20")

Every time you drop the barbell you must perform the box jumps before continuing.
All reps are touch and go.

Your score is the total # of pull-ups/ring rows and deadlifts completed


With a 10 min running clock...

A: (Balls and Toes)
Wall Balls (20/14) (14/10) to a 10'/9' target
Toes to Bars (Rx) or Hanging Knee Raises (Scaled)
(5 min cap)

Then in remaining time...

B: (HC)
1RM Hang Clean (Power or Squat)

Two scores for WOD 3.
Time to complete part A (One sec penalty per rep not completed)
Load for part B


AMCAP (As Many Calories as Possible) in 10 min on the C-2 Rower.

Register by October 15 to guarantee a shirt.

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