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Rumble on the River 2017 Hosted By CrossFit Port Byron

Individual Crossfit Competition in Port Byron, Illinois, United States

Categories (Registration)

Men 56kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Men 62kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Men 77kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Men 85kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Men 94kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Men 105kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Men 105kg+50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 48kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 53kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 58kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 63kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 69kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 75kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 90kg50.00 USD5.50 USD
Women 90kg+50.00 USD5.50 USD


Rumble on the River is a Non sanctioned weightlifting meet aimed at assisting new lifters in their pursuit of eventual sanctioned competition. Rumble on the River is held on the banks of the great Mississippi River at CrossFit Port Byron.

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