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Frankenwod by CrossFit San Jose


This is a past competition. See All Upcoming Competitions.
Rx169.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard
Scaled169.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard
Masters169.00 USD8.50 USD


UPDATE 10/7: We are just at 2 weeks away and if you haven't signed up, get in on this. Almost all of the WODs have been announced (we have to have a couple of secrets). You can find them, and future updates at our Facebook page for the event here.

The prize packages are coming along nicely. In addition to the $1000 for Rx 1st, we have some great prizes for all podium spots including Cryo-therapy packages, Float tank certificates, WOD wear from RockTape, Tango Charlie, Couraj and recovery tools from Roll Recover, and our costume contest will be announced next week. Bring your A-game.

Come out on Saturday October 21st to compete in the third annual FrankenWod throwdown. CrossFit San Jose will, once again, host a series of grueling WODs that are sure to test overall strength and speed. Come to compete or hang out and support. There will be 3 divisions competing in several WODs! The action will kick off at 9:30 am. See the action from the last Frankenwod here.

Rx division and Masters pairs will consist of 1 man and 1 woman.

Masters Division is 50+ (both athletes must be 50 or older).

Non-Rx division pairs can have all men or all women.

Standards for the Rx division will be (but may not be in the actual events)

Double Unders
C2B Pull Ups
Rope Climbs
Burpee Box Over @ (Rx 24"/20")(Sc 20"/18")
Thruster @ (Rx 115/75)(Sc 95/65)
Clean @ (Rx 155/105)(Sc 115/75)
Deadlift @ (Rx 275/185)(Sc 185/135)
Snatch @ (Rx 135/95)(Sc 95/65)
Barbell Lunges @ (Rx 115/75)(Sc 95/65)
Sled Push
Farmer Carry @ (Rx 70/53)(Sc 53/35)


Updated Information!! (7/9/17)

Rx 1st Place Prize Cash 1000$ + 2nd & 3rd Place Prize Packages

Master Prize Cash 750$ + 2nd & 3rd Place Prize Packages

Scaled 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Prize Packages

800m Run
40 Partner Deadlift
40 Synchro Bar Facing Burpee

Rx = 365lb
M = 315lb
Sc = 275lb

Workout 1 Video and Prize Announcement Here


Updated Information!! (7/21/17)

WOD 2a)
21-15-9 (Partner 1)
Hang Power Snatch
21-15-9 (Partner 2)
Box Jump Over

WOD 2b)
9-15-21 (Partner 1)
Box Overs
9-15-21 (Partner 2)
Hang Power Snatch

Rx @ 115/75, 30"/24"
Masters @ 95/65, 24"/20"
Scaled @ 75/55, 20"/18"

*One athlete works at a time. One athlete starts on Hang Power Snatch one athlete starts on Box Overs. Athletes will alternate sets until 21-15-9 has been completed. Once completed athletes will switch movements and go back up the rep scheme 9-15-21. Same alternating set format until completed or time runs out.

Workout 2 Announcement Video


Updated Information!! (9/26/17)

10 Thruster @ 115/75 (95/65, 75/55)
10 T2B (K2E, Knee Raise)
50 DU (40 DU, 65 Single Unders)

*One athlete works at a time. Rotate leap frog style.

Workout 3 Announcement Video


Updated Information!! (9/26/17)

Hey Athletes! We are just under a month out from competition day and we are getting excited! We just wanted to release a few details as we start to ramp up for the competition.

Take A Look!

Costume Contest - There will be an award for best Team Costume and an award for best Individual Costume. Get creative and represent your team well both athletically and creatively!

Final Workout Details/Hints - Top 5 teams from each division will qualify for the Final Workout. It will be a two-part workout and scored as two separate workouts. Stay tuned to our social media outlets as movement hints will be randomly posted as we lead up to competition day.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/crossfitsj/
CFSJ FB: https://www.facebook.com/crossfitsj/
Comp FB: https://www.facebook.com/CFSJFrankenWOD/

Workout 1 Weight Adjustments for Scale - There was some concern with this workout since the option of having a same gender team make it a bit unfair due to the Deadlift weights being the same for all teams. So to address this issue there will be an adjustment to weights based off of team members. It will go as follows below,

WOD 1 Scaled Partner Deadlift Weights

Male/Female Teams 265lb
Male/Male Teams 315lb
Female/Female Teams 215lb

Workout 3 Rules Adjustment for Master/Scale - We are making a slight change to the DU rules. In effort to make things more fair and also reward those athletes with DU's as well as help those that don't, the new rules will go as follows below,

WOD 3 Masters Jump Rope Standards
x40 Double Unders or x120 Single Unders

WOD 3 Scaled Jump Rope Standards
X40 Double Unders or x80 Single Unders