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Lions Den Throwdown 2017 Hosted By CrossFit Burlingame

Team Crossfit Competition in San Mateo, California, United States

Categories (Registration)

Scaled Men150.00 USD8.50 USDLeaderboard
Rx Women150.00 USD8.50 USDLeaderboard
Scaled Women150.00 USD8.50 USDLeaderboard


Male or Female Partner competition.

RX and Scaled Divisions

Our goal is for all athletes to have an awesome time at the Lions Den! To experience the energy, excitement and camaraderie that our competitions provide.

Workouts: We will have 4 workouts. There will be a final workout for the top 5 in each division. Workouts will be released in advance with movement standards/explanations so you get clarification on questions and practice before hand.

Our goal in programming the workouts is to make WODs that will challenge athletes through strength, skill work and endurance, while also being inclusive to athletes who are ready to try RX programming in a competition setting for the first time.

We will be having a Food Truck,Great Prizes, Vendors Including : Progenex, Kill Cliff, Rx Bars, A Runners Mind, Dirty Bird Soap, and FitBodiz to name a few.

Here are the First 3 WODS -

"Lion's Den Gauntlet"
12 Min AMRAP

P1 - 500M Row
P2 - AMRAP Hang Power Snatch(95/75) (115/95)
*Switch and Repeat

P1 - 500M Row
P2 - AMRAP Back Squat(95/75)
*Switch and Repeat

P1 - 500M Row
P2 - AMRAP Double Unders
*Switch and Repeat


"Burp and Clean"

10 Min AMRAP

10 Partner bar over Burpees(Together)

24 Power Clean

RX -

M - 185

W - 95

Scaled -

M - 95

W - 75

WOD 3 - Hold on ...We're Strong"

*Partner 1 Must go through 21 Reps of WB while Partner 2 Holds HS
*Repeats for each movement/rep scheme

For Time

Wall Balls(20/14)
Toes To Bar

Scaled -

Hanging Knee Raise

    Finals - TBA


    Events Hosted By/In CrossFit Burlingame