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Buns N Guns Scaled Team 2017


This is a past competition. See All Upcoming Competitions.
Scaled Team Men200.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard
Scaled Team Women200.00 USD8.50 USD Leaderboard


CrossFit GonzStrong presents our 3rd annual Buns N Guns competition at No Label Brewery in Katy, Texas on May 7th 2017. Buns N Guns will have three divisions including one specific for kids! Cash prizes, massages and even a one-night stay in Galveston are among the many prizes we are offering this year.

Each division will have 3 WODS and 1 Floater WOD.

Scaled (Team Male/Male or Girl/Girl): All Scaled athletes should be able to perform the following movements at the specified weights/heights: You also have a chance to win prizes like messages, gift certificates, and more.
Box Jump 20/16"

85/45lb bar movements such as cleans, thrusters, and squats
45/20lb dumbbells movements such as push press, snatches, rows, front squats, man makers
Slam Ball 45/25lbs
Wallball 14/10 lb (cleans, farmers carries, wall ball run & ect)

Deadlift (10+ reps) 155/115lbs
*These are only some of the movements you will see in the competition but any movements not listed here will be of the same difficulty or less. The above movements should be used as a guideline. If you are comfortable with these weights and movements you will do great in the Scaled Competition.

RX (Individual): All RX athletes should be familiar with standard RX movements and weights including but not limited to the following: You also have a chance to win $500 cash prizes.

Clean and Jerk max at least 225/165lbs

Snatch max at least 185/115#

Back Squat at least 315/205#

Handstand walk

Handstand Pushup

Pistol Squats

Double unders

Kids (Individual) (8-10 yrs) (11-12 yrs): All kids must know how to do the following movements:
Box Jumps 8" (8-10) 16" (11-12)
Knee Push ups
Sit ups
Mountain climbers
Each Athlete will receive a swag bag with all the heats, times and goodies. RX Athletes have a chance to win a cash prize of $500 for 1st place for the men's and women's division. If your box signs up 2 teams, one RX athlete gets to compete Free. We will contact you once this happens.
WODS will be released one at a time on FaceBook and our website (www.bunsngunstx.com).
Come out and WOD with us! Drink some beer and eat some Crawfish!

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