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Gorilla CrossFit's 2nd Annual Cherry Bomb Games - Team

Crossfit Competition in Macon, Georgia, United States

This is a past competition. See: All Upcoming Events & Competitions.


Male/Female RX90.00 USD8.50 USD
Male/Female Scaled90.00 USD8.50 USD


We will be in the beautiful outdoors of downtown Macon again! Vendors and food will be onsite for all of your style and food needs. So tell your friends, bring your sunscreen and a tent and get ready for a great competition!

As usual Saturday will be for our Individual competitors and Sunday will be Team day.
Each day will consist of at least 3 WODs in the following divisions:
Male - RX, Scaled & Masters
Female - RX, Scaled & Masters

Male/Female - RX, Scaled & Masters

Registration will open January 25, 2016 with early bird pricing and close March 3.
*Pricing will increase after February 27.

WOD 1 - Salt Games "The Triplets" Strength Complex

Teams will have 9 minutes to complete the sequence below (athletes are able to assist each other in the changing out of the weight). Athlete "A" will perform the sequence as 4-3-2-1, while Athlete "B" will perform the sequence in reverse order - 1-2-3-4. At the 9 minute mark, a NEW 3 minute clock will start and the athletes will have those 3 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max for the complex (in order for the rep to count, the bar may NOT touch the ground until the athlete has performed the entire complex).

Scoring: There are two scores to be earned here, so think of these as 2 separate WODs. First score is based on time - how fast the "ladder" of 4-3-2-1 is completed. Second score is based on the total amount of weight for the 1RM on the complex.

Movement Reps

4 x Power Clean 185/85(RX) 145/65(M) 115/55(SC)

4 x Front Squat

4 x S2OH

3 x Power Clean 205/115(RX) 165/85(M) 135/75(SC)

3 x Front Squat

3 x S2OH

2 x Power Clean 225/125(RX) 185/105(M) 155/95(SC)

2 x Front Squat

2 x S2OH

1 x Power Clean 245/145(RX) 205/125(M) 175/115(SC)

1 x Front Squat

1 x S2OH

WOD 2 - "Grace-A-Bella"

8 Minute Cap

30 Clean & Jerks 115/85 95/65

30 Power Snatches (same weight)

*Partner A & B each have their own bar. All for time, alternating as you please as long as both team mates complete all 30 of each. Partner A can not start the snatches until Partner B has finished the C&J.

WOD 3 - "Gut Check"

10 Minute Cap

100ft Overhead Walking Lunges w/Axle 130/90 90/60 (Narrow Grip)

50 Burpees

While partner A does OH walking lunges partner B must complete 50 burpees. If partner A completes lunges before partner B finishes burpees, partner A will have to hold axle in OH position until burpees are completed. For every time the axle is dropped there will be a 5 burpee penalty that partner B must perform. Switch and repeat!

WOD 4 - "The Dirty-Rod"

3 Minute Cap

400m Sled Pull

*each teammate has to pull 200m

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