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Workout Boss Fitness Fest & Competition (WBFFC) SATURDAY 2015 Hosted By CrossFit Funky

Individual Crossfit Competition in New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA

CrossFit Funky Insights

• This is a past crossfit competition.
• See: The Gym Crossfit Competitions or All Upcoming Crossfit Competitions.

Where & When

CrossFit Funky • 2865 S 160th St, New Berlin, WI 53151, USA • View The MapGet Directions
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Sat, Nov 21, 2015 9:30 AM - 12:00 AM


Come celebrate fitness this November with Workout Boss at CrossFit Funky!

There will be something for everyone, no matter what your level of fitness. We just want everyone from the area to come out and have a great time, with like minded people and hopefully make some new fitness pals!

Cash & prizes will be given out to all top performers, but everyone will walk away with a participation prize and a sense of accomplishment.

Saturday Events include:
  • Fitness Rx
  • Fitness Scaled


Event 1A - 0:00-2:00 ????

2:00-3:00 Rest

Event 1B - 3:00-8:00

30 Thrusters

**RX- 125/85
**Scaled- 105/75

We are keeping 1A a secret until the day of.

Event 2 (100 pts)

Find 1RM of following complex:

1 Hang squat snatch + 1 Overhead squat= 1 rep

**SCALED- 1 hang power snatch + 1 overhead squat

Event 3 (100 pts)

11 min AMRAP Chipper:

12 Wall Balls(20/12)(16/12)

10 Box Jump Overs(24/20)

8 Hang Power Cleans(155/95)(115/75)

6 Plate Hop Burpees

4 Bar Muscle Ups(strict pullups for women)

**Scaled - Strict pullups for men, kipping pullups for women

Sunday Events include:
  • 5k Fun Run and walk
  • Half Marathon Row (21,097 meters)
  • Bench Press 1 Rep Max (Raw)
  • Deadlift 1 Rep Max (Raw)

Our goal is to bring athletes from all health and fitness backgrounds together in one place to celebrate their fitness, however it is you choose to stay fit! Whether it's endurance, strength, gymnastics, bodybuilding, or walking, we have an event for everyone!

Sign up early because spots are limited and this event will fill up fast. So send this to your friends and join us for the 1st Annual Workout Boss Fitness Fest and Competition!

For more information Please contact: Chris@workoutboss.com and visit our website www.workoutboss.com

If you can do 11 or 12 of the movements, that's the division you want to pick.


**NOTE: If you can do 11 or 12 of the movements, that's the division you want to pick.**


Hang Squat Snatch (135/95)
Overhead Squat (135/95)
Thrusters (135/95)
Wall Balls (20/16)
Rope Climbs
Ring Dips
Muscle Ups (Bar and Ring)
Box Jumps (24"/20")
Deadlifts (225/165)
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Double Unders
Power Cleans (135/95)
Kettlebell Swings (2 pood/1 pood)


Snatch (95/65)
Overhead Squat(95/65)
Thrusters (95/65)
Wall Balls (20/12)
Rope Walks
Hand Release Push-Ups
Deadlifts (185/125)
Power Cleans (95/65)
Single Unders
Kettlebell Swings (1 pood/.5 pood)
Box Jumps (24"/20")
Wall Walks




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