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CrossFit Claddagh's 1st Annual "Claddagh Clash" 2015 Hosted By CrossFit Claddagh

Team Crossfit Competition in Auburn, Massachusetts, United States

Categories (Registration)

Rx - Women's150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard
Rx - Men's150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard
Scaled - Women's150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard
Scaled - Men's150.00 USD0.00 USDLeaderboard


CrossFit Claddagh will be hosting it's first annual "Claddagh Clash" on Sunday Oct 4th. This will be a same-sex partner competition with both Rx and scaled divisions. Standards are listed below.


  • Clean and Jerk: 155/105
  • Deadlift: 255/185
  • KBS: 70/53
  • Chest to Bar Pullups
  • Wall Balls: 20/14, both to 10ft
  • Double Unders
  • Box Jumps: 30/24
  • Snatch: 135/95
  • Toes to Bar


  • Clean and Jerk: 115/75
  • Deadlift: 135/95
  • KBS: 35/26
  • Jumping Chest to Bar Pullups
  • Wall Balls: 14/10, both to 9ft
  • Single Unders
  • Box Jumps: 24/20, step ups allowed
  • Snatch: 95/65
  • Knee Raises

These standards are posted for athletes to have an understanding of what will be expected throughout the workouts. Some movements will not be programmed in the workouts, but if you feel comfortable with these standards, this competition is for you!

This competition is not for athletes who have qualified for regionals as an individual in either 2014 or 2015.

Cash prizes will be awarded to all podium finishers in the Rx division. All podium finishers will also receive bags with products from our vendors and sponsors.

Keep an eye open during the competition for our vendor area! Over 5 vendors have already confirmed and we expect many more!

WOD 1 - "Erin go Heavy"

8 min to establish max weight for both partners of the following complex:
2 Deadlifts...
1 Hang Clean (above the knee)
1 Shoulder to Overhead

Barbell will be empty at the start of the clock. Women will have 35# bars & men will have 45# bars. Video of standards for all wods will be posted before the competition.

WOD 2 - "McChipper"

Cash in: 100 Dubs (200 singles)
80 Wall Balls (20,14 to 10') (14,10 to 9')
60 KB Swings (70,53) (53,35)
40 Box Jumps (30,24) (24,20 step-ups allowed)
20 Overhead Squats (135,95) (95,65)
Cash out: 100 Dubs (200 singles)

14 minute time cap

WOD 3 - "Irish Carbomb"

Partner A: Row 500m


Partner B: 12-9-6 -Thrusters (115,75) ....(Scaled 75,55) C2B Pullups....(Scaled Jumping C2B Pullups) then

Partner A: 6-9-12 - Snatch (115,75)....(Scaled 75,55) Toes to bar....(Scaled Hanging Knee Raises) then

Partner B: Row 500m

12 Minute Time Cap

*There will be a physical tag on partner transitions

*Each unfinished meter/rep will add :01 to your time

ex. all but 50 meters completed on last row = 12:50 final time


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