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AllSport CrossFit

A Review from Susie Tannery Owner of AllSport CrossFit (Gym in Houston, Texas) and Organizer of the Compettion My Mommy is Stronger Than Your Mommy 2017:

I meant to reach out. You guys are AMAZING. I've run this same competition for 4 years and wodRocket made my life SO EASY. From registration to creating easy spreadsheets for check in. Then when the points weren't releasing and we had to call you, ON A SUNDAY! You answered and got with the programmers immediately. Then called back my Head of Scoring to ensure she knew what to do. You are awesome. I was worried about the fees charged but each and every one was worth it. The support alone and the processing of everything was amazing. Kudos to you and THANK YOU for all of your help for my Event. it was a HUGE success.

CrossFit Oakdale

A Review from Alison Huberty Owner of CrossFit Oakdale (Gym in Oakdale, California) and Organizer of the Compettion 5th Annual Franniversary:

Done and Done! Thank you! wodRocket is truly one of the most responsive, well built companies out there. I am always impressed with your product and will forever use you for my business.

CrossFit OC3

A Review from Colin Cartee Owner/Operator of CrossFit OC3 (Gym in Davenport, Iowa) and Organizer of the Compettion Heartland HavOC3 TWO:

Everything went great. You guys do an excellent job. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you all put in. It does not go unnoticed.

Crossfit DIVINITY/ Brazil Strength

A Review from Rachel Gamallo from Crossfit DIVINITY/ Brazil Strength (Gym in Torrance, California) and Organizer of the Compettion The Gladiator Festival:

The program worked perfectly! I had no problems at all. I will be using this system for all my events in the future. Thank you very much!

Junction City Crossfit

A Review from Christina Spencer Owner/Trainer at Junction City Crossfit (Gym in Junction City, Kansas) and Organizer of the Compettion Oz Fest 2017:

Everything went well! Once everything was set up the leaderboard was a breeze.
Thanks for all your help!

Crossfit 559

A Review from Joanye Stump Owner of Crossfit 559 (Gym in Porterville, California) and Organizer of the Compettion WOD WARS V - INDIVIDUALS:

It was awesome , I achieved exactly what I set out to do. A well organize fun event , entertainment was off the hook, Scoring went off without a hitch. The shoutouts after the event have been awesome. I purchased the AWOL rig and next event is set for So Cal. THANK YOU FOR WORKING WITH ME OVER THE YEARS AND TEACHING ME SO MUCH. Sorry about the CAPS,but I am too tired to correct lol. You and Chris are awesome.

CrossFit Trestad

A Review from Jonas Salzberg Owner of CrossFit Trestad (Gym in Trollhättan, Sweden) and Organizer of the Compettion CrossFit Trestad KM Individuellt 2017:

Everything went great. Athletes and audience love it when the leaderboard is quickly updated after each and every event. I am, like before, very pleased.

Thank you for a great system!

Manage My Macros

A Review from Jennifer Donihoo Nutrition & Wellness Coach at Manage My Macros and Organizer of the Compettion 1N68:

Thank you all so much for your support. Your customer service has been amazing. I am doing a run through on entering the scores and no problem. Super simple

3 Rounds For Time

A Review from Loui Cavallini from 3 Rounds For Time and Organizer of the Compettion Long Island Masters Team Competition 2018:

Absolutely fantastic new!! Words wont express how much we want to express our thanks. It's a pleasure to continue to do business with you. We look forward to our future events with WODrocket. You guys rock!

CrossFit Raeford

A Review from Kirstin Aubele Coach at CrossFit Raeford (Gym in Raeford, North Carolina) and Organizer of the Compettion Girls Just Want To Have Fun:

I wanted to say thank you! The leaderboard worked great and we had a great event today!

Crossfit Solus

A Review from Kaylee Suitors Owner of Crossfit Solus (Gym in Sherman, Texas) and Organizer of the Compettion Battle on the Border 2018:

Went awesome! I was convinced to try conquest sweatworks last year and it was terrible, the registration link was constantly broken and I missed a lot of sign ups. This year was fabulous and we filled up before the deadline. Very easy to use and everything worked perfect. Thank you!

AllSport CrossFit

A Review from Susie Tannery Owner of AllSport CrossFit (Gym in Houston, Texas) and Organizer of the Compettion My Mommy is Stronger Than Your Mommy 2018:

Hi Chris, Yes! I was being impatient and that is my fault. I received it. Just wanted to tell you what a great service you guys provide. No hiccups during this entire process using you. I will continue to use WODRocket in the future for sure. Best, Susie

Harbor Park CrossFit

A Review from Dave Yandel Coach/Head of operatios/CO-Owner of Harbor Park CrossFit (Gym in Kenosha, Wisconsin) and Organizer of the Compettion The Shipwreck 3:

Loved your platform. Was very easy to work through and set up. Much better than other scoring systems we've tried! We will definitely use you again!