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Athlete From CrossFit Redding

Workouts Personal Bests (Ranking & Videos)

Clean & Jerk205 lbs (top 42%)
Snatch160 lbs (top 39%)
Dead Lift356 lbs (top 45%)
Back Squat260 lbs (top 55%)
Max Pull-ups44 (top 14%)
Fran5:23 (top 63%)
Helen8:55 (top 27%)
Grace3:55 (top 73%)
Filthy 5018:23 (top 11%)
Fight Gone Bad301 (top 50%)
Sprint 400m1:07 (top 38%)

Fitness And Health Questions & Answers

• Why do you train?

I had been competing in various sports for more than 25 years. I played Division I Soccer, ranked All-American in rugby and competed in the 2004 Olympic soccer team. I have competed in CrossFit since 2008 and have no plans of stopping.
My mission in life is to encourage and motivate people to live a life full of activity strengthening both the body and the mind. I am interested in enabling the discovery that one is capable of doing much more in life than thought possible.
Family is a priority. I have three children who are active in sports and my wife is herself a Crossfit superstar. My family and I work out in the Crossfit Demo gym.


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