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federica ESPOSITO

Workouts Personal Bests (Ranking & Videos)

Clean & Jerk136 lbs (top 77%)
Snatch103 lbs (top 78%)
Dead Lift220 lbs (top 86%)
Back Squat209 lbs (top 74%)
Max Pull-ups-
Front Squat176 lbs (top 79%)
Fran5:22 (top 63%)
Helen6:00 (top 2%)
Grace4:50 (top 85%)
Filthy 50-
Fight Gone Bad-
Press88 (top 90%)
Sprint 400m0:48 (top 1%)
Run 5k-
500m row1:48 (top 78%)
2000m row8:50 (top 90%)

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