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jessica KASTNER

Athlete From Crossfit Federal Hill

Workouts Personal Bests (Ranking & Videos)

Clean & Jerk75 lbs (top 99%)
Snatch70 lbs (top 96%)
Dead Lift140 lbs (top 99%)
Back Squat135 lbs (top 96%)

Fitness And Health Questions & Answers

• Why do you train?

I had heard a lot about Crossfit and was really curious about the workouts but also a bit scared by the idea of it. I had heard how challenging the workouts were and because I'd recently been diagnosed with lumbar disc disease I felt like my body might not be capable of doing intense strength workouts. However, Crossfit Federal Hill opened up a few blocks from my house and I had to drive by it every day when I would go and come home from work. Their opening coincided with a serious gym funk I was having where I was unhappy with everything my gym offered (or didn't offer really). A friend of mine was doing Crossfit and encouraged me to try it, bad back and all. After a few weeks of debating if I should try it, I finally got some courage and went in for a class. I was hooked immediately. I loved how challenging it was. I loved that the workouts changed every day so I was never bored. I also am really blessed to have coaches who push me to challenge myself. Geo, Brian, Allie and Matt hold me accountable in every workout and even though I still get nervous about my abilities, they have a knack for proving to me that my body is capable of much more than I ever thought possible. Best of all, my back rarely bothers me anymore and I am much stronger than I was before both physically and mentally.