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Athlete From CrossFit lakewood

Workouts Personal Bests (Ranking & Videos)

Clean & Jerk305 lbs (top 4%)
Snatch225 lbs (top 7%)
Dead Lift500 lbs (top 6%)
Back Squat500 lbs (top 1%)
Max Pull-ups23 (top 52%)
Fran3:41 (top 32%)
Helen9:24 (top 39%)
Grace2:21 (top 25%)
Fight Gone Bad354 (top 20%)
Sprint 400m1:34 (top 82%)

Fitness And Health Questions & Answers

• Why do you train?

Started in late 2010 on my way to a military deployment. It helped me lose 30+ pounds and get back into fitness after college sports and I have been hooked ever since.


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